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Price Channel

Pattern Description:

A price channel is a continuation pattern that slopes up or down and is bound by an upper and lower trend line. The upper trend line marks resistance and the lower trend line marks support. Price channels with negative slopes are considered bearish and those with positive slopes bullish. A price channel can also be described as a technical overlay that forms boundaries above and below the price line based on previous highs and lows.
Price Channel

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Predicting Price Action

As traders, we all want to know where price is going to go after we get our buy or sell signal. The MetaStock FORECASTER is designed to help understand the tendency of price after the technical set up occurs.

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Platinum demand gets 'automotive boost' in 2023, deficit widens - WPIC

by Vladimir Basov
The World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC) reports that automotive demand for platinum this year will reach its highest level since 2017 and now forecasts a platinum deficit of over one million ounces for 2023. WPIC said that “strong” automotive demand growth is a key factor behind the widening deficit of platinum, in addition to industrial demand growth to record levels, and flat supply. According to the report, platinum automotive demand is expected to reach 3,283 koz...

Technical Review

Silver - Is the downside correction over?

2023-05-31 by Tim Straiton

The current price is 23.41 and 5.49 percent above its rising 200 day moving average. The short-tern trend is negative with the 20 day falling moving average currently at 24.06.

We are now considerably higher than last weeks low of 22.35 and the 14 day relative strength index is displaying bullish divergence. At this stage, it may be wise to cover short positions, whilst a long position could be attempted as soon as the price closes above the rising 20 day moving average.


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World Gold Council

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The World Gold Council is the market development organisation for the gold industry and the global voice of authority for gold.