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The rectangle pattern consists of two horizontal trend lines containing market activity. As long as prices remain within the pattern, volume tends to be erratic to low. A break out of the pattern which generally follows the direction of the prevailing trend, is accompanied by a rise in volume.

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Technical Review

Gold/US$ - Further downward pressure likely

2024-05-23 by Tim Straiton

The current price of gold is 2369 and trading well under the daily pivot point of 2400. The 14 day relative strength index is at 55% and showing clear bearish divergence.

The volatility weighted MACD is also showing bearish divergence. The current price is 12.75% above the rising 200 day moving average of 2066. Fibonacci downside projection levels based on the 2425 to 2285 range traded since the end of April 2024 are 2234 (38.2%) and 2200 (61.8%).


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