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Pattern Description:

The rectangle pattern consists of two horizontal trend lines containing market activity. As long as prices remain within the pattern, volume tends to be erratic to low. A break out of the pattern which generally follows the direction of the prevailing trend, is accompanied by a rise in volume.

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How a Simple Line Can Improve Your Trading Success

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"How to draw a trendline" is one of the first things people learn when they study technical analysis. Typically, they quickly move on to more advanced topics and too often discard this simplest of all technical tools. Yet you’d be amazed at the value a simple line can offer when you analyze a market. As Jeffrey Kennedy, Elliott Wave International’s Chief Commodity Analyst, puts it: “A trendline represents the psychology of the market, specifically, the psychology...

Technical Review

Apple - Evidence of Bull Trend Exhaustion

2023-09-01 by Tim Straiton

The current price of Apple is $187.87 and trading above the rising 40 week moving average of 164.39. The short-term recovery from the recent low of $171 could extend towards the 198 level (upper weekly Bollinger Band).

The weekly bullish relative strength index trendline has been broken and it would seem wise to use any further upside move to liquidate long positions. Immediate downside targets are $170 (Fibonacci 38.2% retracement from the high based on the 129.62 to 195.83 range traded since January 2023) and thereafter 154.91 (Fibonacci 61.8% retracement from the high of the same range).


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