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Three Panic Scenarios

by Timothy Straiton
Wednesday 18th March 2020

It happens from time to time in the financial markets. The reasons can be various and may derive from short squeezes, greed or the conviction that "this time it's different". We are focussing on the gold-silver ratio, currently at 120 which is experiencing a unique state of panic buying. How such moves end can be illustrated in the Bitcoin-US$ move in December 2017 which culminated in a high of 19458 only to fall a year later to 3175. A similar observation can be seen in the panic move in Palladium which in February 2020 rose to 2875 only to fall a month later to 1480. A collapse in the gold-silver ratio has not taken place yet, however the likelyhood of a sharp collapse is on the cards. The time is ripe to keep an eye on silver mining companies especially for those investors who have good nerves and can stomach the risk.





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