Bitcoin / SPX ratio - homing in on support levels

by Tim Straiton
Friday 9th July 2021

Technical Review of the Bitcoin SPX Ratio

as of 7/9/2021

Current Price: 7.5872
200 period moving average: 11.01
14 day relative strength index: 42.18

The Bitcoin SPX ratio is currently trading at 7.59 which is 45.10% below its 200 period moving average. This ratio is trading below its daily pivot point of 7.59, which is a short-term bearish factor.

The Fibonacci 61.8 % retracement level based on the entire 15.62 - 2.0 range going back to March 2020 comes in at 7.20 and could well act as a level of support. Additional support should be found at 5.21 which is the Fibonacci 76.4% retracement level of the same range.


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