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Russell 2000 Index currently overbought

by Timothy Straiton
Monday 8th June 2020

Current level on 8th June 2020 is 1536.
Major stock markets around the World are cruising into overbought territory. At the same time the put/call ratio is falling into extremely low levels. Complacency levels are also relatively high.

Looking at the technical state of the Russell 200 index, warning signs of a correction are appearing. The 14 day relative strength index is well into overbought territory at 73%. Fibonacci time zones suggest that a correction is close at hand, while the market now embraces the Fibonacci 78.4% retracement measured over the entire 1700 - 991 range. Hope of a V-shaped recovery has powered markets to current levels. Whether such a recovery materializes is written in the stars and should disappointment grasp the emotions of market participants then it's time to run for the exit. It would seem prudent to take some money off the table right now.


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